Sunday, January 27, 2013

Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics
Raymond Carver

The last line of this story is: "In this manner, the issue was decided." (335 [handout]) One of the questions after asks what is this issue. Based on the context, I would have to say the issue is who receives custody of the baby. A second question asks (number 5) if the title "Popular Mechanics" is a more effective title then the original title "Mine". I feel that the original title made sense with the plot of the story. The couple is arguing over who gets the child: it is the appropriate situation for a childish "it's my baby" "no it's mine" type of thing. However, the title is now popular mechanics, so how does that fit in? Well popular relates to known things, so I took that as something that was somewhat common. Mechanics is like engineering or the structure of something. Therefore, the title is like a common build or a common structure. This could mean that the author viewed this story as a common type of situation for families.

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